12 Confusing Images Found on Earth

Earth is a tricky place. A lot to see, a lot yet hidden. Sometimes somethings seem okay from up close and do not feel any different. However, thanks to the internet now we have aerial shots available which could make even the bravest of them scare and doubt the existence of some things. Check out the confusing shots captured by internet either in street view or aerial view. We hope it is scary enough for you, or just some dark fun if you are into that sort of thing.

11. Creepy Aircrafts Graveyard

Google Earth captured a Creepy Airplane Graveyard
Source: Earth Dude!

I mean the graveyards are scary enough on their own. Planes having their own cemetery, aligned in the perfect order gives us some serious goosebumps. One could wonder what happened to them, or the ones flying them. But if you don’t wonder that, we totally understand and don’t judge. Its basically metal and plastic, so no hard feelings.

10. The Haunted Town, Baltimore

Google Earth captured a Scary Town
Source: Youtube

They say it is a glitch in the drone cameras, but we know what that means. The possessed town looks horrific in the drone street view images. Obviously, because the demons, spirits, and ghosts won’t let them. And call me crazy, but this place is not on my bucket list anymore. And don’t blame me, it could make anyone seriously creeped out. The blurred images and the way this light transitions, is not about just this single click. The whole town was captured like that! I mean glitch in a locality, that’s a red sign no one would just ignore.

9. The Swastika Building

No, it is not on some fictional island. This is an actual US Navy military base. And they were okay with it because you cannot notice the  Swastika sign up front. However, the drone images revealed this clearly in the aerial view. And the government resisted because it was fairly expensive to change a design of a developed building. But, they will be changing it now because the Nazi Swastika is really disturbing.

8. Kangtega, The Black Hole Peak

Google Earth captured a Black Hole Mountain Peak
Source: Youtube

Weird right? This is surprisingly captured from a colored camera. And no matter how smart we are, mother nature plays some pranks with us. This illusion of a black hole (yeah I checked Stephen Hawkings, this is not the one) appears on top of the mountain ranges in Kantega. It is a peak of a mountain and for some unknown reasons, is captured purely black from the satellites.

7. The Star Fort – Fort Bourtange Netherlands

Google Earth captured a Star Fort
Source: Pinterest

Okay, this one is so special, they couldn’t keep it in a museum, so they turned it into one. This beautiful yet shockingly well preserved historic structure spreads across 11 acres and is beautifully designed as a star shape. Popularly known as the Star Fort, this location is more of a tourist spot in Holland. And if you look close enough from the aerial view, it would just blow your mind.

6. Drone caught the burning building of Alma College!

Google Earth captured a burning building
Source: The Mind-Blowing Facts

It is not that these incidents happen often, but when they do, someone is bound to capture. But could we expect it from drone? Well, this was definitely a coincidence. At the time drone was taking pictures, this building caught fire and burnt down. You could see the burning fire from the aerial view as well in the street view.

5. Creepy Bird Heads

Google Earth captured a people wearing bird masks in Japan
Source: HuffPost

Coincidence? Nah. I mean we don’t usually wear bird heads when out for school or like grocery shopping, right? Thank God I’m not the only boring one. But these people in Japan knew that drones are out taking street view pictures, so they dressed up to be memorable. And here we are, talking about them! Mission accomplished pals, and I gotta say, you guys look awesome. Only if I haven’t watched some scary bird movies during my childhood. Sorry, because that will probably haunt you (and me) again.

4. Giant Woollen Bunny in Italy

Google Earth captured a Giant Bunny Rabbit
Source: Youtube

The artist thought it was a pretty great idea to knit a huge, and I mean ginormous woolen bunny. It is kept in a park, and drone aerial view detected the crippled dance move the bunny was about to perform before he was exorcized. But I don’t complain. Because they say it will deteriorate in the coming 7-8 years anyway. So live and let freaky bunnies live people! I wonder if Bugs Bunny would be happy or creeped out like most of us.

3. The Girl with the Weird Legs

Google Earth captured a Girl with Weird Legs
Source: The Sun

Is that a deer disguised as a pretty girl, or a weird moment where a centaur was turning human? No. two words, Camera Glitch. And through excessive research, we have found that this girl is a model, with pretty normal looking human legs. She was accidentally captured with deer legs. Boy am I gonna have some hoof-related nightmares.

2. The Sign of Devil, Kazakstan

Google Earth captured a Demonic Symbol
Source: NY Daily News

Talking about nightmares, here is the one which could give Satanists some pride. This is actually a five-pointed star, enclosed in a circle which symbolizes the devil. And this is the knowledge of a Supernatural fan talking. However, it is not intentional and is found in some abandoned area in East Asia, Kazakstan. This drone taken image had everyone wondering how it got there in the first place, because it surely does not look like a natural, and no one admits why it is there. Is Lucifer smiling upon us? Who knows.

1. Talk to the Arm, Drone Glitch

Google Earth captured a Guy with a Fist Face
Source: qz.com

Fist bump? Arm wrestle? Elbow macaroni? Sorry I was out of puns. But this is not hilarious. This is a guy with a fist as his face, which is no doubt the creepy crawly nightmare of anyone looking at a normal guy and imagining a fist stab, ever. As a 10-year-old, I believed a huge fist monster could be under my bed. But it is only now I am giving more credit to my imagination. But don’t worry guys, this is a camera glitch too maniacal laugh.

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