Top 15 Most Beautiful Women in the World


The 15 most beautiful women in the world for this year are not just a pretty face. They encompass femininity while still being strong. They are sexy, popular and incredibly successful from all walks of life. Some came from successful families while others were self-made. Check out this list of the top 10 most beautiful women from around the world.

15. Emma Watson – France

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Emma Watson is a Hollywood film actress. She was born on 15th April 1990 in Paris. Emma Watson belongs to the British lawyer’s family. Emma Watson played a role of Harmony Granger in the very famous film “ Harry Potter ”. After this, she played two more successful roles in the film “ The Pricks Of Being Wolf Ware ” as a Sam and “ The Bling Ring ” as a Nicky. Emma Watson studied acting, singing and dancing at the age of six. Until the age of ten years, she worked in many theaters. But now she is completing her study in an American University. Forbes magazine gave her 6th number at the top of the list of the artists.

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